Principal Desk

Dear Students,

I am delighted to welcome you to Maharaja College Ujjain. At Maharaja College we see the educational experience as a journey that should be stimulating and enjoyable as out teacher trainee & move towards their potential as life-long learners and as leader of the future. We have a commitment to an active partnership with our pupil teachers and we believe that learning should be enjoyable. The support our pupil teachers receive forms us allows them to go into the world with a sense of self-worth and responsibility.

As a pupil teacher at Maharaja College, you will be participating in a unique and powerful educational experience that will most certainly provide you with a wide range of opportunities are presented at Maharaja College through a number of innovation features that represent excellent teaching and learning practice to prepare you for your future.

An Educationist Advisory System that provides pupil teachers with a personal adviser to guide him or her through an individualized learning program for the duration of their course.

Through the dynamic partnership with local private schools and State Govt. schools, the college is able to offers a unique array of learning opportunities to all pupil teachers for their lesson plans.

The opportunity to work alongside and develop friendship and cultural understanding with fellow Maharaja College students from other faculties. Maharaja College is involved in task of preparing “Worlds Citizens” and outstanding leaders for the new millennium.

A mentoring program that brings pupil teachers together, on a regular basis, with leading employers in private schools and Govt. schools who can contribute towards the teachers understanding of preparation for future employment opportunities.

Purpose-built learning environments supported by the very latest information technology and teaching learning developments.

Highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff and support personnel committed to provided outstanding learning opportunities for Maharaja College pupil teachers.

At Maharaja College, each student is recognized as a unique individual with potential to develop for assessing, diagnosing and monitoring each student’s learning progress and personal development is the comer stone of the Maharaja College learning experience.

We look forward to share this very special and total educational experience with you at Maharaja College Ujjain.

Dr. Surekha Jain