ICT Resource Centre

Number of Computer systems 25
Availability of Internet facility Yes
Accessibility of Internet facility to students (Wifi) Yes
Number of CD ROMs 152

Number of Resources added during the Current Session

  • Laptop Mac Apple (01 Nos)
  • Microsoft Licensed OS (05 Nos)

Number of Resources added during the previous academic session

  • All in one Photo copy Machine
  • Colour Photo Printer
  • Projector LCD
  • Video Camera
  • LED TV
  • Securities HD Cameras
  • Blue tooth Speaker

Overhead Projectors

We are having two overhead projectors to teach and to train our pupil teachers under educational technology subject for the use of low-cost interactive environment for educators. A Training to prepare Teaching materials by printing or writing on plastic sheets, upon which the educator/pupil teachers can directly write using a non-permanent, washable colour marking pen. This saves time, to communicate the teaching points to students, since the transparency can be pre-printed and used repetitively, rather than having materials written manually before each class.

Smart Board

Our Institute have front projection interactive whiteboard, wall-mounted in the technology Lab . It enables us to do everything that we can do at our computer—open and close applications, scroll through files, hold meetings with others, create new documents or edit existing ones, visit websites, play video clips and more—by touching the interactive surface with our finger or the included pen. When we connect our interactive whiteboard to a computer and a projector,our computer image displays on the interactive surface. We can write over any application in digital ink, and then save these notes to a file in SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software for future reference and distribution.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms are communities that teachers can create, moderate and control to fit the needs of their students and objectives of their curriculum. These communities include the use of various online and social networking tools such as: adding bookmarks, discussion boards, text and video chat rooms, online image galleries, blogs, podcasts, online file space and class maps where students can highlight where they are from.

Wiziq.com has partnered with Taking it Global to create a no cost online virtual classroom. This classroom offers teachers the ability to access and manage private, advertising-free lesson plans and activities, through which students can take advantage of the benefits of web tools without sacrificing personal security.

The program has been designed with and for teachers, so it’s easy to use and safe and secure. It allows teachers to incorporate today’s technology and integrate more interactive tools into the classroom. Teachers choose which teaching related lesson plans to integrate into their online classrooms based on what is most appropriate for their students and projects.

The space provided by the college can be used to:

  • Enable students to continue ue connecting and learning beyond their time at school
  • Help students develop their computer skills in a safe, teacher moderated environment
  • Invite guests to share their expertise about lessons plans
  • Share files, website, photos and videos related to teaching
  • Support curriculum outcomes and objectives

This online classroom can be used as a standalone tool or can be a complement to the High School and teacher trainee Curriculum.