Library and Book Bank

Maharaja College started the Book Bank activity for the college attending teacher students in 2006 by collecting a little amount of Rs, 10/- from its alumni as a poor Boys fund. In the first year about 25 students took the advantage of the Book Bank and now the number of students taking advantage of it has increased to more than 50, thus proving its success. To save the precious time and valuable money of the Students College has opened its door for various other faculty students also.

Linkage With Local Libraries

All the Five Colleges have a meeting for the Linkage between them at Maharaja College. They agrees to support inter linkage facility to their students.

Maharaja college Library Book Bank facility: This book bank scheme is run for the SC/ST Category Students. 4-6 books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole Session and taken back after the end Final examination is over. College provides funds for this scheme every year.

Rules for Book Banks Facilities:

  1. The Book will be given to the students of all the categories on the basis of the income of their parents and the ceiling of the same will be Rupees 2 lacks per annum.
  2. Depending upon the availability of the sets of books the priority will be given to the students whose parent’s income is lower.
  3. All students who are availing the facility must ensure retuning the entire set of books provided to them within two days of completion of their final examination in the concerned Semester.
  4. If any student availing the facility loses the book / damages the book / disfigures the book, he / she shall replace the Volume(s) with new book (or pay the current cost of the book plus fine, if any, as may be directed by authority). journals of NECRT, NCTE and Other publications related to education are available through on-line facilities of DELNET and INFBLIBNET. Besides, a large number of journals and magazines in print are also subscribed. The library provides learning / researching resource to students and teachers regarding latest world wide developments in higher education, research and placement activities. It also has a growing collection in the area of communication skills, teaching English as a second language, and books of general interest in humanities, social sciences and personality development.

The library DELNET (Developing Library NET work ) and INFLIB NET. These can be accessed from the library as well as from the other department/ lab of the college.

DELNET is promoted by National Informatics Center (NIC), Ministry of information Technology, Govt of India. It Promotes resource sharing among the member libraries, collects, stores and disseminates information, offers computerized services to the users and coordinates efforts for suitable collection. with the facility of DELNET, the students and teachers of the Maharaja college obtain current information concerning latest developments in the different fields of Psychlogy, Educational technology and Administration. It enables research scholars to borrow books/ journals from other libraries located in other prime institutions who are members of DELNET Group.

Book Bank Facility

The College has Book Bank facility, which is obligatory for all the undergraduate students of Undergraduate Program. One time membership fee of Rs 1500/- towards providing books, services, infrastructure maintenance, replacement and Book Bank security deposit of Rs 1500/- (Refundable) as a caution money. Under the Scheme students are provided one textbook in each course ifor the whole year. The objective of the Book Bank is to provide students the latest textbooks in the subject they study in the session. This facilitates teaching learning process and improves academic performance of the students.

The Scheme is part and parcel of the under graduate programme in Bachelor of Education and Master of Education because of the recent up-gradation of courses and syllabi in view of the globalization . Therefore, the College empowers its students with knowledge and skill sets that are in high demand in the field of education such as psychology, embeded technologies; For this reason, the book bank facility is a resource to provide students latest textbooks in the fields of Social Science, Educational technology, communication skills and Psychology