Campus and Infrastructure

Available Land area in square meters- 28800 sq. mtrs (under the possession of Society)

  • Whether the available land is on Lease basis- (No)
  • Land is on Ownership basis- (Yes)
  • Built-up area in square meters- 5674 sq. mtrs

In case of multi-storey building built-up area in square meters on each floor

SrFloorBuilt- Up area In Sq Mtr
01Ground Floor3511.44
02First Floor1693.84
03Second Floor469
04Third FloorNil
05Fourth FloorNil
06Total Area5674 Sq. mtrs

Mention if Fire safety equipment has been installed. (YES)
If YES, Mention if the same are installed as per Building Bye Laws. (YES)

  • Mention the facilities available for differently abled persons
  1. Ramp In Ground Floor
  2. Helper
  3. Toilets – Separate for girls and boys
  4. Ground Floor Class Rooms
  5. All Labs Available at ground floor
  • Mention, if Hostel facilities are available (No)